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          Honsoar has the world's advanced German WEMHOENER automatic positive negative 3D air pressure PVC thermofoil cabinet door production line, the total length of the equipment up to 96 meters, owning Cefla line, Automatic Drying function, Automatic door-flipping function .The daily output capacity is up to 3000 square meters which is 10 times to domestic equipment capacity. It can produce 4.8meters super-long door pieces.

          Cabinet doors




          Cabinet doors

          PET door

          High glossy

          PET door

          Color: White, Grey

          4 Side Same Color Acrylic edgebanding. Backside melamine

          Thermfoil door


          PVC thermfoil door

          Linen white and grey color, High glossy white and walnut, thermfoil 18mm MDF board backside melamine


          PVC thermfoil door

          White coIorand wood grain color thermfoil 18mm MDF board, backside melamine

          Raised Panel PVC thermfoil door

          White color, 2 pcs assembled together thermfoil 18mm MDF board, backside melamine

          Melamine door

          Slab door

          4 Sides PVC Edge banding flat door both sides melamine MDF/PB

          Shaker door

          5 pcs assembled shaker door, 4sides PVC edge banding

          Other doors

          Customized as requirements

          Honsoar New Building Material Co., Ltd located in Dongcheng Industry Garden of Shouguang City of Shandong Province, Is the largest PVC thermofoil door manufacturers  in  china,is the largest melamine boards manufacturers  in  Shandong province, is only and largest  panel furniture materials industry chain manufacturers in china. Annual sales reached RMB1000 Millionincluding exporting amount of nearly USD100 Million. including Shouguang Dongyuhongxiang Wood Industry Co.,ltd,Shandong Honsoar Furniture Company, Heze Honsoar Particle Co., Ltd.,

          Contact Us


          Technical support:www.dayu.co