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          Honsoar has four sets automatic 4-color rotogravure press high speed printing machine and adopts excellent high pressure base paper and imported ink.Till now we have developed more than 2000 kinds of paper designs and colors. In the year of 2018,the jointed venture was founded with IMPRESS group which is worldwide famous company in the line of decorative paper. Honsoar absorbs the most advanced technology for the decor print and impregnated papers in the world as well as high quality of decor print ink and additives.The marriage of technical and resource makes Honsoar stepping into broader path of development.The decorative paper printed owns vivid feeling, rich layers and harmonious colors , clear texture,real,strong anti-UV, fastness and stable color advantages.

          Product  information:

          Brand:Honsoar & Impress


          Base paper: White, Yellow, Brown, Grey

          Color: More than 2,000 kinds of  Wood grain and plain colors or customized

          Grade: Ink and color paste

          Weight: 300kg/Roll,500kg/Roll

          Application: Faced on MDF, HDF, honsoar.com/pages_64">particle board, plywood

          Honsoar New Building Material Co., Ltd located in Dongcheng Industry Garden of Shouguang City of Shandong Province, Is the largest PVC thermofoil door manufacturers  in  china,is the largest melamine boards manufacturers  in  Shandong province, is only and largest  panel furniture materials industry chain manufacturers in china. Annual sales reached RMB1000 Millionincluding exporting amount of nearly USD100 Million. including Shouguang Dongyuhongxiang Wood Industry Co.,ltd,Shandong Honsoar Furniture Company, Heze Honsoar Particle Co., Ltd.,

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          Technical support:www.dayu.co